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Market Lane - La Despensa Filter 250g

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Great coffee - great price

First time purchaser - worked really well with my cold dripper and a good price to boot.

All Coffee is sold as Whole Beans.


Tasting Notes: Blueberry and lychee with vanilla.


This coffee was grown and processed by six producers – Luis Alvaro Vargas, Fray David, Linderman Moreno, Pablo Emilio Monteya, Leonardo Henao and Yessica Moreno. All these producers live and farm in the valley of La Despensa in the Urrao region, in the high mountains of Colombia’s Antioquia state.

While other coffee-producing areas in Colombia are characterised by rugged mountains and deep canyons, Urrao features rolling green hills, pastures and rivers, as well as cool temperatures (12–25 degrees) that are ideal for the slow-ripening of coffee cherries, resulting in sweet and complex coffee flavours.

Until recently, Urrao was largely overlooked as a coffee-producing region, as it was considered too cold. Even today, relatively little coffee is grown in the area, despite it boasting some of the most fertile land in Antioquia. All that is slowly changing, however, and coffee from Urrao is being recognised internationally for its high quality.

This micro-lot is made up of chiroso variety beans, which are native to the area. Cultivated for its resilience to cool climates, this variety is also celebrated for its distinct and floral cup profile.