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Direct Coffee - OzBlend V1.0 Whole Beans 1kg

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Great taste and aroma

 All Coffee is sold as Whole Beans

OzBlend is made with high quality beans from Papua New Guinea and Brazil to create consistently bold coffee. Rich chocolate and soft caramel flavours shine through. 

All coffee is ethically sourced and roasted to order right here in Melbourne by Rumble Coffee.

Customer Reviews

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Delicious coffee, amazing customer service and fast delivery. So happy with my order

Good choice

Goes well with either black or milk based coffee

Great coffee - great price

First time purchaser - worked really well with my cold dripper and a good price to boot.

Better than most caffeinated coffees!

I first bought this decaf for my wife who was pregnant at the time and could only drink decaf. I then gave it a try and was thoroughly impressed. It's better than many normal caffeinated coffees. I'll now often find myself making a decaf as my 3rd or 4th coffee for the day on top of my normal coffee. I use a Breville burr grinder and Bialetti stove top. Also works well in a Breville Barista Express.

Very nice beans, great service

Market Lane is a well-respected Melbourne roaster that a lot of us would be aware of. Still, this is the first time I've tried one of their Brazilian single origins - while Brazil is a huge coffee producer, they sometimes have the unfortunate reputation of producing smooth, inoffensive but ultimately uninteresting coffee (depending on your taste).

Marimbus, though, is a step above. It does hold the characteristics of Brazilian growing generally - it is smooth and sweet, with a gentle caramel/almond praline profile and a medium body - but the care that has been taken in both the production of the beans and their roasting is obvious. For a smooth coffee it holds up impressively well with milk and produces a surprisingly tasty latte or flat white. It's also very forgiving when producing espresso - it took me a few shots to dial in my grind, but with this bean it's very hard to make a bad coffee. Sure, you can still stuff it up - but even if your dose or grind isn't perfect you'll still be producing something extremely drinkable.

Also, customer service from Direct Coffee is excellent - great communication, fast shipping - everything you're looking for in an online shop.