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ONA Coffee - Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Diamond, Natural - Espresso

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Las Lajas micromill is located in the Sabanilla de Alajuela region of Costa Rica. The owners, Oscar and Francisca Chacón, are third-generation coffee farmers and masters of their craft. One of the first to push the boundaries of processing, they have made a name for their wild and juicy Naturals, along with their complex and rich Honey processed coffees.

TASTES LIKE Red wine, dark chocolate, red apple and apricot.
ROAST Espresso
COMPONENTS Costa Rica Las Lajas Black Diamond, Natural


It is so fantastic to see the coffees from Don Oscar and Doña Francisca Chaco farm Las Lajas. It is particularly special coffee for the early members of ONA Coffee as for us, it would be the first coffee that we would all use for barista competitions in 2010. Sasa purchased one 69kg sack of Las Lajas from a Melbourne green coffee supplier. At that time, this was a huge investment. Without having a market established to sell a coffee like this or the luxury of choice of individual lots that we would get, Sam, Angus, and Sasa would all compete with portions of this coffee at regionals or nationals. Fast forward 11 years, today we can finally get the chance to roast another beautiful and exceptional coffee from Las Lajas.

Don Oscar and Doña Francisca Chaco
Sabanilla de Alajuela Region
PROCESS Anaerobic Natutal
ALTITUDE 1650 - 1750masl


Las Lajas, Costa Rica

Water usage is severely restricted in Costa Rica. But they only used to produce Washed coffees, with a minimal amount of water and using demucilagers. In 2008, a terrible earthquake raised havoc throughout many coffee-producing regions, and a lot of producers were left with no water and electricity for one week. With these conditions, most of the pickers at La Laja farm had to leave; nobody could harvest or process the coffees. Oscar and Francisca decided to leave the fruits dry by themselves for several days. A decision we thank them for today, as it's that decision they made that grants us the opportunity to drink such a magnificent lot that now finds its way into our reserve offerings.