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ONA Coffee - Ethiopia Webanchi Anaerobic Natural - Filter

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Dispatch Note: ONA Coffee is dispatched directly from their roastery in Canberra within 2-3 business days of your order being placed. 


This coffee has a big personality with blueberry, plum and dark cherry notes, and pleasant raw cacao like finish.     

TASTES LIKE Blueberry, black cherry, blood plum and cacao nibs
ROAST Filter


As we can expect, this Anaerobic Natural processed coffee is intensely fruited due to the extended time spent in whole cherry fermentation. The process started with coffee piled up thickly and left unturned on raised African beds. The centre temperature of the pile begins to increase, spurring fermentation to be accelerated in the coffee cherries at the centre of the pile. As they ferment, Co2 is released, creating an anaerobic environment. Once a day, the pile is spread thin and then re-heaped up to ensure all coffee cherries are fermented to a similar level. This process is repeated for 5-7days before the coffee is laid out in a thin layer and left to dry until it reaches a humidity of 12%.    

REGION Yirgacheffe
PROCESS Anaerobic Natural
ALTITUDE 1800-2000masl



Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

The Wete Webanchi wet mill sits next to a rural school near the town of Wete. When Meseret and Abraham were looking for a site for a new washing station, they chose this spot to have easy access to electricity. 

The proximity to the school led Primrose and Project Origin to work closely with the teachers and staff to provide support to educate local kids. As a result, this mutual relationship meant the station could continue to operate past sunset, a task often very challenging at other stations and positively impacted the local community, which is how we believe all trade should be.



How to get the best tasting cup

AGE BEST USED 10-25 days after roast
DOSE 17-20g (start with 20g, reduce dose if tasting heavy)
WATER AMOUNT 250g for 17g dose, 300g for 20g dose
BLOOM 50g (30seconds)
POURS 5 pours (50g bloom, 70g, 60g, 60g, 60g)
FREEZE DATE 9-12 days after roast