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ONA Coffee - Honduras El Laurel Washed - Espresso

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This espresso oozes comfort. It leads with a warm invitation of poached pear in a mixture of dry spices that takes you to a juicy white peach. The best part is its rich finish of caramel and toffee notes.

TASTES LIKE Spiced poached pear, white peach, caramel and bruleed sugar
ROAST Espresso


Coffee production has been the family’s source of income for generations. The producer, Oscar, honours the traditional methods of coffee production used by his ancestors: de-pulping of cherries by hand, drying with sieves, threshing with wooden tools and selling the beans in local markets. Still, he incorporates new practices that allow him to increase production and preserve the quality of the coffee without causing damage to the environment around him.

The coffee cherries are pulped and dry fermented for 10-14 hours in concrete pillars under shade to process this lot. After completing the fermentation, the coffee is washed in concrete channels to remove any remaining mucilage and then laid on raised to dry for 12-15 days.

PRODUCER Oscar Daniel Ramirez
REGION Las Delicias, El Paraíso
VARIETAL Parainema
ALTITUDE 1400 masl


Las Delicias, El Paraiso, Honduras

El Laurel is a beautiful 12 hectares of land home to many trees, various animals, and natural landscape attractions that provide a home for the Ramirez family. Coffee trees, mainly of the Parainema variety, span 8.5 hectares of land sprinkled with plants of plums, avocados and liquidambar trees. Walking across the farm, you will find armadillos, squirrels, agoutis, rabbits and cats, and at the right time of day, you will find the farms’ workers taking a break in the natural rock caves or by the stream.


How to get the best tasting cup

AGE BEST USED 10-24 days after roast
DOSE 20-20.5g (start with 20.3g)
BEVERAGE WEIGHT 39-42g (start with 40g)
TIME FRAME 25-30 seconds
FREEZE DATE 11-13 days after roast