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ONA Coffee - Honduras La Danta Lot Rebecca Natural - Filter

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Yellow nectarine, lychee, papaya and dark chocolate


A wonderfully expressive and refined coffee from our long time friend Cristian Rodriguez. It opens with crisp stonefruit and juicy lychee flavours and then develops more density through milk chocolate and funky papaya notes.

TASTES LIKE Yellow nectarine, lychee, papaya and dark chocolate
ROAST Filter


This farm is rugged with no road access. Workers need to walk approximately 1.5 kilometres to arrive, and horses transport the cherries out. The farm is fully organic, with no herbicides or pesticides used. The Lot Rebecca is a Natural processed coffee that slowly dries for 25 days on raised African beds to bring out a dried fruit attribute with a deep-set anchor of sweetness.

PRODUCER Cristian Rodríguez
REGION Siguatepeque, Montecillos
ALTITUDE 1500-1800masl



Siguatepeque, Montecillos, Honduras

Cristian Rodriguez was destined to follow in his family's footsteps as a coffee producer. Despite going to the USA to study dentistry and spending many years in the profession, he gave up this career to move back to Honduras to be a coffee farmer after missing the connection to the land. Cristian is very enthusiastic about learning from everyone and constantly improves his coffee.

He has expanded his operations by running a café and roasting business called Café Tio Juan. He produces coffee on three farms: Finca La Danta, Lot Luis Carlos and Finca Tierra Fertil.