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ONA Coffee - Honduras La Perla, Washed - Espresso

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All coffee is sold as whole beans. If you would like your coffee ground please leave a note at checkout.

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A fantastic espresso perfect for any time of the day, it has bright green apple acidity and peach, zest orange and honey notes.

TASTES LIKE Orange marmalade, ripe peach, green apple and honey
ROAST Espresso


Jose first floats the de-pulped coffee in a tank full of water to separate the best dense and ripe seeds from the defective and lower quality ones. Then the coffee is soaked for 24 hrs to break down the coffee's fruit mucilage and ferment. The coffee is washed once more before being laid out thin to sun-dry for 25 days. Once finalised processing, the coffee is bagged and stored in a cool warehouse until export.

PRODUCER Jose Efran Gonzales
REGION Comayagua
ALTITUDE 1700masl


Comayagua, Honduras

Jose started his journey by buying a plot of land with no clear agricultural direction. Starting with corn to recoup his investment, he adventured into coffee, buying 2000 seedlings to plant on his farm. After three years, he reaped his first harvest, but the coffee prices weren't reflective of manual labour efforts. Mentored by Rony Gomez, a senior member of the Honduras National Coffee Institute, Jose implemented his teachings. He focused on specialty coffee and a sustainable farming approach, improving the quality of his product and his family's lifestyle.


How to get the best tasting cup

AGE BEST USED 9-20 days after roast
DOSE 20-20.5g (start with 20.3g)
BEVERAGE WEIGHT 38-42g (start with 40g)
EXTRACTION TIME 24-30 seconds (start at 27secs)
FREEZE DATE 10-13 days after roast