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ONA Coffee - Honduras Mogola Lot Lirios, Natural - Espresso

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This is an example of perfectly made natural Central American coffee processed for espresso. It has the fruit intensity through notes of stone fruits, nashi pear and sweet orange with freshness and clarity that brings a fresh traditional lemonade element.

TASTES LIKE Lemonade, white nectarine, nashi pear and orange.
ROAST Espresso
COMPONENTS Honduras Mogola Lot Lirios, Natural Espresso


Finca Mogola has one of the best setups to grow coffee in Honduras. It has the right altitude, the rain, and the humidity need it for excellent coffee. Unfortunately, they don't get much sunlight during harvesting.

So Caballero family came up with an unusual and interesting method. They use 'guardiolas' and horizontal mechanical dryers. Over the years, they have been perfecting the process to mechanically dry coffee at a very low temperature (40 degrees) for 60-70 hrs. This technique is effective as the coffee is losing moisture at a consistent rate. There is no risk of mould developing or any other issues related to poor drying, which they would experience if trying to dry without the 'guadiolas'. The lot Lirios benefits from this consistent drying being Natural, making it very clean and structured to serve as a lovely complex and balanced espresso. 

PRODUCER Don Fabio Caballero
REGION Marcala
ALTITUDE 1550-1650masl



Marcala, Honduras

Mogola was the first farm Don Fabio purchased back in 1970, the same year he married his wife. The farm looks like a botanic garden, with many lines of trees to separate and protect lots from the wind. Lots of flowers are also used to attract butterflies but also work as landmarks for workers when picking different lots. It is very humid and cold on this farm, which helps maintain water moisture in the soil and allow plants to not stress because of hot weather. This also promotes slow maturation and this develops much complexity and intense flavours on his coffees.