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ONA Coffee - Honduras San Francisco Washed - Espresso

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All coffee is sold as whole beans. If you would like your coffee ground please leave a note at checkout.

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A zingy, bright and aromatic espresso. Opening with crisp lime and sweet green apple before transitioning to exotic spiced lemongrass and ginger tea notes.

TASTES LIKE Green apple, lime, ginger and lemongrass
ROAST Espresso


Don Fabio is considered a legendary producer from the Marcala region. His Bronze Tip Geisha comes from the lowest altitude on his farm, a controversial yet wise decision highlighting Fabio's conscious and knowledgeable farming. Geisha is naturally a more sensitive varietal; therefore, avoiding the exposure from higher altitudes and planting it in the lush and covered lower areas allowed for better growing conditions and results. Don Fabio always remarks that we were given the perfect beans, and it's up to us what we do with them.

PRODUCER Don Fabio Caballero
REGION Marcala
VARIETAL Bronze Tip Geisha
ALTITUDE 1200-1300 masl



Marcala, Honduras

Honduras is one of the largest coffee producers in Latin America, competing with Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Colombia. However, the journey to this point hasn't been without its challenges. Although the land is perfect for growing coffee, terrible weather conditions, poor infrastructure, and coffee leaf rust outbreaks have caused ongoing problems for coffee growers. In particular, the high levels of rainfall often make it challenging to dry the beans after processing. To tackle this, IHCAFE (Instituto Hondureño del Café) has focused on encouraging producers to explore new ways. Among these are polytunnels known as 'domos' or solar dryers. IHCAFE has also sought to improve infrastructure to aid the development of higher quality beans and provide more resilient varieties to fend off diseases.


How to get the best tasting cup

AGE BEST USED 10-25 days after roast
DOSE 20-20.7g (start with 20.3g)
BEVERAGE WEIGHT 38-42g (start with 40g)
EXTRACTION TIME 24-30 seconds
FREEZE DATE 12-14 days after roast