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Padre - Guatemala Tres Gigantes - Filter

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Named for the ‘three giants’ - volcanoes San Antonio, Tacaná, and Tajumulco - that dominate the landscape of San Marcos, this Guatemalan coffee was also aptly grown by three incredible producers across three different farms.

The coffee is smooth, sweet, and complex, with notes of dried peach, honey, and key-lime pie on a base of chocolate, almonds, and nougat.


Single Origin Filter Coffee Description

We’re excited to see Central American coffees begin rolling in and we’re proud to present this incredible Guatemalan community lot, sourced from our friends at Caravela Coffee.

This coffee is from San Marcos, a department in Guatemala that stretches to the Pacific Ocean in the south and borders Mexico to the west. The area is known for its captivating landscape - the Cuchumatanes mountains in the north and a chain of volcanoes in the south. In fact, it’s these “three giants” - volcanoes San Antonio, Tacaná, and Tajumulco - that this coffee is named after. Tajumulco is actually the highest peak in Central America at 4220 meters above sea level, closely followed by Tacaná at 4092 masl: giants indeed!

Typically, up to 20 farmers contribute their coffee to Tres Gigantes lots, however, this particular lot was grown and processed by only three producers. Coincidentally all three producers - Agapito, Edgar, and Eduardo - all share the surname Orozco, although they are not blood-related. Their coffees were all processed (fully washed) at the farms where they were grown, and then brought together to form this community lot.

About the Producers

Agapito Orozco - Finca El Consuelo

Coffee has been a way of life for Agapito for over 70 years, and much of his knowledge was passed down to him from his grandparents. He believes that coffee has made him a better person and that coffee has raised his quality of life and afforded his children better opportunities than he had.

The weather and soil at El Consuelo are perfect for growing coffee, but Agapito also grows avocados, papaya, and bananas, along with raising cattle. 

Edgar Orozco - Finca Los Manantiales I

Senior and experienced grower Edgar owns two farms by the same name - Finca Los Manantiales I and II. He and his wife Angélica Maura Castañon lead the fieldwork at the farms and then come harvest season, they hire local people to help with the more labor-intensive tasks. At Los Manantiales I, they grow standard varietals like bourbon and caturra; at Los Manantiales II they grow hybrids, grown for the local (not specialty) market.

Eduardo Orozco - Finca San Lorenzo

The youngest of these three producers, Eduardo is well known for his innovative spirit and high energy. Coffee is a way of life for Eduardo; he inherited San Lorenzo from his father, and his children will in turn inherit it from him. Eduardo began growing coffee traditionally from a young age, in the ways that his father taught him. In more recent years, he has incorporated some more modern and quality-focused methods into his coffee production, which in turn has improved his family’s livelihood.

Coffee Breakdown

Washed - 50% Caturra and 50% Bourbon varietals grown and handpicked at an altitude of 1300 - 1800 masl at San Pedro Sacatepéquez in Guatemala's San Marcos region.

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