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Pillar - Burundi Murambi Co-op - Espresso Roast

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Murambi Co-op

Muramvya region




Pink lemonade, earl grey, and panela sugar.

Small farm struggles: Sometimes, farmers who own less than a hectare of land struggle to showcase the high calibre

of their microlots. This can be due to several factors, but the one that is most common in Burundi is quantity, ie when

a farmer produces what is deemed "insufficient volume". This can mean that a very special microlot disappears into a

blend of lesser-grade coffee to make up the quantity, where it is diluted down and essentially lost forever.

Small lots, no probs: Thankfully, Murambi Co-op is different and represents a collective of smallholder farmers, with

smallholder farmers playing a vital role in production. At Murambi, quality counts, and smallholder farmers who

produce quality microlots get paid higher premiums for their coffees. These higher calibre lots are then included in

select quality custom blended microlots just like this one. These microlots are selected from day lots based on in-cup

quality. Although these lots might not be individually traceable once blended, they really are the next best thing and

ensure farmers are paid for their quality and that none of these special lots gets blended with anything that will detract

from their worth.

Process and drying: Coffee cherries undergo traditional fermentation for 18-24 hours, a two-hour washing process in

fresh mountain water, and meticulous sorting and pulping. This Murambi lot is dried on raised beds under the shade of

native forests, protecting it from evening precipitation. Drying spans around 20 days, depending on weather and


Despite logistical challenges in sourcing from this landlocked and historically troubled nation, support from purchasing

these micro lots is making its way to the ground. And if that wasn't good enough, their in-cup hype is totally justified.Characterised by sparkling acidity, sugar-fruit notes, and lingering floral tones, these coffees, often overlooked in

commercial exports, shine as unique gems and more than hold their own in the specialty coffee world.