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Pillar - Ethiopia Guji Wine Process - Filter Roast

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Love it!

Aromatic, great after taste! Must try!

Excellent - if funky is your thing

This is a very unique coffee, and likely to be polarising.

The fermentation gives it an intense, almost-perfumey scent and delivers everything you'd expect from good Ethiopian beans. If natural processed coffees, saeurkraut/kimchi, smellier cheeses, the more experimental beers or Pinot Noir are your thing, definitely give this a try. If they aren't, I'd probably steer clear.

It says "filter" on the bag but also makes a ripper espresso and is my go-to when I can get it. My only gripes are that it isn't available year round (kudos to Tim at Direct Coffee for keeping me posted on availability) and that my brother dislikes it.

  • Country: Ethiopia
  • Region: Uraga, Guji
  • MASL: 1900-2110
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Process: Natural wine
  • Tasting Notes: Red wine, lavender, and hazelnut.

In the cup: This coffee is one of our all-time favourite fermentation filters. Sweet and syrupy with the freshness of a clean crisp grape accompanied by the velvety body of gently reduced blackberry coulis. A crisp tartaric acidity quickly mellows to reveal a smooth and round red wine jamminess.

Process: Fermentation processing and in particular anaerobic processing (sealed oxygen-free) was first brought to the region in 2020. The process begins at the sorting table where the best fully ripe cherries are separated from the rest and are tightly packed and sealed into special stainless-steel tanks. The fermentation process begins, and CO2 starts to build. As pressure builds, a one-way valve allows water and CO2 to exit whilst restricting oxygen from re-entry. The resulting pressure forces the juicy jammy mucilage flavours deep inside the coffee beans—reflected in a colour change that occurs after 4-5 days. This gives the green beans their unique golden appearance. Temperature gauge readings inside the tank and ambient conditions are taken into consideration and adjustments are made to ensure consistent fermentation across each batch.

Varietal: Heirloom is somewhat of an umbrella term that is used to identify the abundance of wild indigenous coffees that grows in Ethiopia. The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia has seen a plethora of wonderful breeding, cross-breeding, and endlessly mutating coffee varietals that number in the thousands. As is often the case, once a desirable varietal is discovered (usually with particular flavour attributes in mind), it will be separated and cultivated on a small farm where it may later be identified as a new varietal. This is one of the things that makes sampling and selecting heirloom varietals so enticing—a surprise almost always awaits. We’re so delighted to have this super special heirloom anaerobic fermentation on offer this month, it’s got all the right curves in all the right places!