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Seven Seeds - Brazil Santuario Sul - Espresso

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PROFILE Unique and Aromatic
TASTES LIKE Grape Jelly, Rockmelon, Cacao
ROAST Medium Roast for Espresso Brewing


Santuário Sul is a project started by Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira in 2015. His motivations are to challenge the global market perception of Brazilian coffees through experimental processing techniques and greater cultivar selection. In addition to traditional Brazilian varieties like yellow bbn, the farm boasts more than 30 exotic varieties of coffee. Progressive cultivation practices such as shade plantation and innovative drying processes create new and exciting flavours.

This particular lot is entirely composed of Sudan Rume - a natural mutation of the Bbn variety. As the name suggests, it was originally discovered in Sudan, close to the border of Ethiopia in what is now the Boma National Park. There are very few commercial plantations of pure Sudan Rume due to its low yields, but the variety serves well as the stock of high-quality genes for new hybrid varietals. We’re always eager to showcase a coffee of this nature, especially when growing conditions are as favourable as they are at Santuario Sul. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that this coffee cupped as the finest example of Sudan Rume grown in Brazil.

Santuário Sul has placed four times consecutively in the Brazil Cup of Excellence competition since 2018. Notably, in 2021 Luiz’s naturally processed Yellow Bbn won him 2nd place with a whopping 90.14 points. This is a testament to Luiz Paulo’s endless dedication to the industry. A true pioneer. It goes to show how fortunate we are at Seven Seeds to have access to his stunning coffee, and it must be said that we are so proud to work with him and his team at Carmo Coffees.


  • ORIGIN Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • PRODUCER  Luiz Paulo
  • HISTORY Third year of purchasing
  • VARIETIES Sudan Rume
  • PROCESS Natural
  • HARVEST July - October
  • ALTITUDE 1100-1300 masl
  • LOT SIZE 240 kgs
  • PARTNERS Carmo Coffees