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Seven Seeds - Brazil Silvio Leite - Filter

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PROFILE Rich & Refined
NOTES OF Black Forest, Orange, Vanilla
ROAST Light Roast for Filter Brewing


Silvio Leite is a name all coffee professionals recognise. He co-founded the Cup of Excellence in 1999, is a world-renowned COE head judge, passionate specialty coffee advocate, and, more recently, an award-winning coffee producer. The list of Silvio's achievements stretches back almost 30 years & his contribution to specialty coffee can not be understated. His gracious attitude and willingness to share have had a massive ripple effect throughout his local coffee community in Bahia state and worldwide at the various competitions & events he has organised, judged, or participated in over the years.

We started purchasing coffee through Silvio over eight years ago, who also acts as our export agent for other farms we source from in the region (Ouro Verde). His moral & technical support provides valuable mentorship to these producers, and it has shown in the improvement of cup quality over the years. Silvio is a true pioneer of the industry and a friend to us all; we couldn't be more thrilled to have this ongoing partnership with him and his team at Agricoffee. Thank you, Silvio!

Silvio Leite's attention to detail when producing coffee is a leading example of Brazil's best potential. His Pulped Naturals are some of the cleanest we've found, proving versatile enough to stand as espresso or filter brew methods. But, it's his naturally processed lots that have brought him recent success at local and international levels. We feel blessed to know Silvio and have access to his coffee, particularly this special lot. Same farm, the same varieties, and uses the same approach that won 17th place in the 2021 Brazil Cup of Excellence. This Red and Yellow Catuai exhibits an ultra-refined structure with decadent fresh fruit flavours and a creamy dessert-like finish. Even the staunchest clean-coffee-buff must admit that this is not your typical natural. This coffee accurately represents some of the flavour attributes routinely featured on the world stage alongside the finest Brazil offers..


ORIGIN Piata, Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

PRODUCER Silvio Leite
VARIETIES  Yellow Catuai & Red Catuai
ALTITUDE 1300 masl
HISTORY Third year of purchasing