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Seven Seeds - Ethiopia Kefyalew Deressa Tulu - Filter

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PROFILE Sparkly & Sublime
NOTES OF Apricot, Aranciata, Black Cherry
ROAST Light Roast, Filter Brewing


Another year, another mind-blowing coffee from Kefyalew Tulu. Those familiar with our Ethiopian releases in 2022 will be well acquainted with the formidable Kefyalew, a passionate and incredibly driven individual whose wet mill is fast becoming a household name in the Gera region.

The Gera countryside where this lot is from is stunning, and in certain months, the air is permeated with the smell of coffee blossom. Kefyalew's coffee encapsulates the beauty that surrounds it. This lot has supercharged floral notes with an unexpectedly delicate finish. It leaves no doubt this will be one of our favourite coffees of the year.

In March this year, our head of procurement, Ryan, had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Jimma and spend the day with Kefyalew, traversing the countryside, visiting his wet mill and meeting the producers in the area he works with. Recent changes to export legislation in the Ethiopian coffee industry have allowed wet mill owners like Kefyalew to export the coffee they purchase and process from local producers. These fundamental changes have allowed Seven Seeds to foster more direct relationships with growers and exporters, increasing the impact of our purchase decisions..


ORIGIN  Gera, Oromia, Ethiopia
PRODUCER  120 contributing farmers
VARIETIES  Mix of 74110, 74165, Local Landrace
PROCESS  Fully Washed
ALTITUDE  2250 masl
HISTORY  Second Year
LOT SIZE  1200 kg