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Seven Seeds - Honduras Franklin Madrid - Filter

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PROFILE Indulgent and Sweet
NOTES OF Apricot, Cookie Dough, Fruit Punch
ROAST Light Roast for Filter Brewing


Franklin Madrid was born into a family of coffee producers. His farm, La Patepluma, has been managed by three generations of his family. Franklin's grandfather, Constantino Madrid, was the first to plant coffee trees in the village of El Sauce, where their family still lives and works.

The last three years have been challenging for the Madrid family. They own and manage around 100 hectares of coffee trees, and the labour shortages in the industry have impacted them severely. Franklin represents a growing trend among producers looking to move away from larger-scale production, focusing on higher-value varietals and fermentation innovation. Here at Seven Seeds, we look forward to four years of working with the Madrid family and eagerly wait to see what comes next.

A gorgeous lot this year. Slightly wild, with tropical tones in the cup. This coffee is as versatile as it is tasty; we are lucky enough to utilize this lot in both the F.Bomb and on our single-origin filter menu. A coffee that seems to evolve into something new with each brew, but it always puts a smile on the dial. It has an upbeat acidity with an incredibly textured finish.


ORIGIN El Sauce, Santa Barbara, Honduras
PRODUCER Franklin Madrid
VARIETIES  Pacas, Parainema
PROCESS Fully Washed
ALTITUDE 1580 masl
PARTNERS San Vicente / LCM
HISTORY Third year of purchasing
LOT SIZE 690kg