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Seven Seeds - Peru El Conjuro - Espresso

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PROFILE Plump & Jammy
NOTES OF Apple, Almond, Marmalade
ROAST Medium Roast, Espresso Brewing


Along the highlands surrounding the city of Jaen, there is a hilltop that local people call Cerro Conjuro. The people producing coffee in this region are highly advanced in their field, with vast knowledge and experience. The microclimates and soil in this region are perfect for growing traditional varieties like Caturra, Typica, and Bourbon, always some of our favourites on the cupping table. El Conjuro is produced by around 60 producers from this region.

El Conjuro is grown with great care and expertise. The coffee is processed and dried at farm level, then separated into similar quality grades with matching flavour profiles before finally being shipped to us in Melbourne. It’s the second year we’ve committed to this particular group of producers. In 2022 we took a punt and initially roasted the El Conjuro for our espresso menu. We were so impressed with its landed quality we flipped it to filter for its final weeks. It was no surprise when it blew the socks off our team and was an absolute crowd favourite. This year will be no different.

The story of Cerro Conjuro says that a couple of decades ago, some missionaries came to the community, bringing with them two crucifixes. One was placed on top of the Cerro Conjuro, and the other was placed at the entrance to the community of Chotantli to protect them from plagues and other bad things. Every year in May, they celebrate their faith by climbing the Cerro Conjuro, followed by eating, drinking, and dancing.


ORIGIN Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru
PRODUCER A collective of sixty small scale producers
VARIETIES Caturra, Bourbon, Catimor
PROCESS Fully Washed
ALTITUDE 1800-2100 masl
HISTORY 2nd year of purchasing