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Seven Seeds - Rwanda Musasa - Filter

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PROFILE Rich and Easy-Drinking
NOTES OF Toffee Apple, Cranberry, Lime
ROAST Light Roast, Filter Brewing



The last time Seven Seeds had Rwandan coffee on the menu was 2012 and a lot has changed since then. A shift in the consumer market, followed by the pandemic, led us to reflect on how and why we source coffee and what impact we’d like to have on the people at the other end of the supply chain. Committing to our core values, we honoured the relationships at origins that have played a staple part of our offering since the early days of operations. These fundamental relationships provided the anchor needed for all parties to thrive within existing supply chains - the backbone of our sourcing model. Fast forward to 2023; this stability has allowed us to explore origins like Rwanda again.

We’ve always had one eye on Rwanda, and it’s been a long time coming, but we’re thrilled to be able to make Rwanda an additional part of our sourcing model. We hope you agree it’s been well worth the wait. Musasa washing station sits at 1,526 meters above sea level in the high-altitude hills of the Congo-Nile Trail, Western Province. The washing station began operations in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength.

It’s our first year purchasing coffee from Musasa, but we hope to build a long-term partnership with producers contributing to Musasa. The purchase is facilitated by our trusted export partners RwaCof/Sucafina. Their investments in yield improvements, farmer training, positive quality outcomes and environmental sustainability projects increase farmer livelihoods. We look forward to being a part of that long-term improvement. As a result, you get to enjoy some of Rwanda’s most outstanding coffee.


ORIGIN  Rutsira, Western Province, Rwanda
PRODUCER  1750 Small scale producers
VARIETIES  Red Bourbon
PROCESS  Fully Washed
ALTITUDE  1526 masl
PARTNERS  RwaCof / Sucafina
HISTORY  First Year
LOT SIZE  300 kg

HARVEST March - June