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Staple Coffee - FINCA SANTUARIO Filter

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We really didn't enjoy this one. I found it quite dark and bitter for a filter roast, without any sweetness or fruity notes.

Oh no! Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy this coffee. Could we send you something else to try instead?

All coffee is sold as Whole Beans.

Origin: Cauca Region, Colombia
Varietal: Typica
Process: Washed
Taste Notes: Passionfruit, Rockmelon, Vanilla, Tea Rose


With over 2 decades of coffee farming to their credit, Finca Santuario was established by Camilo Merizalde who began with a clear vision of producing quality not quantity. He quickly realised that biological diversity was paramount in creating an environment capable of producing excellent product with a vision to long term sustainability.  Finca Santuario encourages a symbiotic relationship between plant and animal diversity, this is particularly important as the vast majority of varieties grown at Santuario are extremely high quality with a lower yield, typically with greater fragility than most varieties widely grown in Colombia.

We agree with our import partner that the “harmonious interplay between the surrounding environment, volcanic soil and variety allows for the creation of some of the most spectacular coffees available from Colombia”.

We are delighted with the selection of coffees that we’ve been able to source from Finca Santuario to share with our followers. It’s going to be an exciting year of small lots, experimental processing methods and very high quality.