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Staple Coffee - Tasting Pack (3x 250g bags)

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All coffee is sold as Whole Beans.

Our tasting pack offers you the chance to try 3 amazing coffees in smaller bags (250g).


Sidamo (Ethiopia) Espresso 250g

The sweet, fruity profiles of the washed process used in this coffee make  the iteration of classic examples of Sidamo coffee profiles. This coffee serves as a great all rounder, when enjoyed as black it presents itself with lush berry compote and an elegance that of rosewater, with milk its berry characteristic turns into Turkish Delight and a raisin finish.


Berry Compote


Milk Chocolate



Sidamo, Ethiopia

1500 - 2200 masl

Heirloom Varietals

Washed Process



GUJI Uraga (Ethiopia) Filter 250g

A coffee reminding us of the good ol' 70s with its Harmoniously sweet qualities yet elegant and floral, flavors of fresh Raspberries which turns to Blackberries as it cools down, mellowed by sweet Rose-water, all the while having Orange Blossom in the ambiance. All-round easy to drink coffee!!





Orange Blossom


Guji, Ethiopia

2400 masl

Heirloom Varietals

Honey Processed



Seasonal Blend 250g

Introducing our Seasonal Blend, a little something for everyone with a bit of a twist. A smooth velvety texture, sweet nuts with hints of sweet spice that turns to chocolate cake, tasting awesome either black or white. This specialty coffee blend is also great with alternative milk.  

Our Staple coffee blend is sourced & purchased ethically through our importing and coffee producing partners. Making your coffee not only taste great but sustainable to always keep having.

Coffee doesn't need to be wanky, just  needs to taste great and be sustainable!


Tastes Like :

Macadamia Praline

Red Apple

Chocolate Mud Cake


Blend Components:

50% Brazil, Alto Mogiana 

30% Colombia, Montalvo Passiflora

20% Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe Biloya