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Veneziano - Colombia Finca Las Mercedes

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Tasting Notes

Honey, green grape, almonds, rounded acidity.


Country: Colombia

Altitude: 1,750m-2,100m

Processing: Washed

Varietal: Caturra and Castillo

Region: Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia

Cupping Score: 86

Green Hills Coffee is made up of 4 estates located in the Farallones region of Antioquia. 3 of which are owned by the Guerra family who are also directors of Green Hills Coffee. We have been working with the Guerra family since our first trip to Colombia in 2014 and it has been incredible to see the progress in quality over this time.

Las Mercedes has been in the Guerra family since 1960 when Eduardo Guerra Sánchez purchased the farm. Las Mercedes was originally a dairy farm however Don Eduardo’s background was in coffee farming and he decided to turn some small parcels of land to coffee production while still primarily producing milk. Don Eduardo’s son, Alfonso Guerra Velez took over the farm operations 20 years later. The young Juan Carlos is a truly progressive coffee producer setting up a cupping lab on his farm and also being a qualified Q grader. This is a rarity in the region as many producers do not even have a chance to taste their own coffee.

This washed microlot comes from the main Las Mercedes farm. After selective hand picking all wet milling is done on site. The coffee is first pulped and fermented under water for 12 hours after which it is rinsed and transported downhill to his grandmother’s farm where there are raised African style drying beds that provide a much sweeter, cleaner cup than the traditional Colombian mechanical drying method.

You may have noticed that we have stopped labelling some coffees as “Filter Roast Profile”. We felt that our previous labelling of microlots did not do justice to our coffees and what we think they are capable of. We want you to feel free to use the coffee any way you like. Read more here.

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