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Veneziano - Ethiopia Tega Tula

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Tasting Notes

Orange, caramel, jasmine.


Country: Ethiopia

Altitude: 1,830–1,870m

Processing: Washed

Varietals:  Mixed

Region: Kaffa

Cupping Score: 84

The Tega & Tula farm was established in 2000 by Ahadu Woubhset and is named after two nearby villages. Located in the Kaffa Zone which is considered by many to be the birthplace of Arabica coffee. The farm is also able to offer traceability down to the individual sublot on the farm, a rarity to find in Ethiopia.

This particular lot is from the Kewo block, a near 50 hectare sublot of the Tega & Tula farm where the nursery and washing station is also located. Kewo is planted with two varietals labelled 74110 and 74165. The lot was processed on farm, allowing for meticulous best practices to be undertaken resulting in a vibrant, complex cup true to the classic flavour profile of washed Ethiopians.

You may have noticed that we have stopped labelling some coffees as “Filter Roast Profile”. We felt that our previous labelling of microlots did not do justice to our coffees and what we think they are capable of. We want you to feel free to use the coffee any way you like. Read more here.

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