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Wide Open Road - Colombia Gracias - Filter

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Origin: Colombia
Region: Quindío  
Farm: Finca Acapulco
Altitude: 1390 masl
Harvest: Manual 
Varietal: Red & Yellow Castillo and Variedad Colombia
Process: Long Natural 
Importer: Tribu Coffee 

Our new single origin comes to us as the result of a new relationship we have established with Melbourne-Colombia direct trade coffee organisation, Tribu Coffee and is one of the finest and highest-graded coffees we have had an opportunity to present. Vanessa from Tribu is a member of the family who owns the Acapulco farms from where this coffee is sourced. Finca Acapulco is located in the Coffee Valley area of the Andean Quindío Department. The farm is focused on developing the highest quality varietals and focuses on long fermentation and stabilisation techniques. 

Tribu’s mission is to establish direct-trade relationships with Australian specialty coffee roasters to ensure a better process for their family, neighbours and farmers to trade their coffees direct to the Australian public. Buying coffee direct from the owners allows us to work directly with the producing families, assuring the money goes directly to the farm and workers, and allowing the producers to reinvest in high quality production. This in turn allows the farm to employ workers year-round rather than just during peak harvest times, and pay them a living wage, as well as providing funds to support refugees from Venezuela. 

Gracias is an experimental natural with a very long stabilisation period, which translates to a very sweet, complex and aromatic cup. Theft of green coffee is unfortunately common in this region, and one way producers have found to combat this is to try new and interesting processing techniques, which makes the coffee they produce unique and traceable to the farm, thus making it far more difficult to resell and discouraging theft. 

If you're looking for something special, out-of-the-ordinary and unique to kickstart your day, look no further.

Recipe Starting Point (Pour Over):

17.5 g Dose

300 mL Water (94 Degrees C)

3:30 Time (50mL / 30 seconds + 30 sec development time)

Note: We have developed a filter profile for this coffee - meaning it is roasted a little lighter than would normally suit an espresso brew method. If you're using an espresso machine, high-pressure Aeropress, or prefer a darker roast for your percolator, we recommend our Single Origin Espresso Roast. However, we're more than happy to supply any of our coffees ground to any specifications - coffee is a personal journey, and we are excited to take that journey with you.