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Atypical - India Riverdale Estate Washed blend - Espresso roast

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Just fine

I was looking forward to trying this coffee for my daily milky coffee in the morning. I’d never had any coffee from Atypical or India so I pulled the trigger on 1kg.

To be honest I’m a bit underwhelmed. It’s a bit ‘flat’ and not particularly tasty in my opinion. I disagree that the coffee has ‘depth’ as per the description. Perhaps my palette expects something overly complex? Regardless, I feel that this coffee needs to be blended to provide that added complexity that assists in cutting through and complementing milk whilst providing a tasty cup.

Hey Andy,

Thanks for your thorough review. I’m really sorry to hear it’s not what you were looking for.

When I was writing the description for this coffee I knew it was going to be important to explain what this coffee is so that it finds the right audience.

However, I’ve clearly messed that up by using the word ‘depth’. As you’ve mentioned this is a term for complexity, something that wouldn’t be appropriate to describe this coffee.

As someone whose natural bias is towards fruit driven coffees that have enough body to be enjoyed as a black espresso I probably got a little overexcited by how much I enjoyed this coffee as a milky.

While this isn’t a flavour profile that either of us gravitate towards, it is a profile that a lot of our customers really enjoy. So I’ve got to do a better job of writing descriptions that explain what coffees like this are and more importantly what they aren’t.

Finally, i do hope this doesn’t shade your thoughts on Indian coffees. They can be a great component in achieving the kind of flavour profile you’d enjoy.

I’d love to replace this with something that’s more to your taste. Is there anything else on the site that catches your eye?


Balanced and full of depth

First time trying an Indian coffee. Goes great with milk! Also love the groovy cans it came in.

This washed coffee offers plenty for those who enjoy their coffee with milk or without. Mellow and sweet as a black coffee, but still with plenty of body and a nutmeg twist for those drinking with milk. 

Riverdale Coffee Estate is located in the Shevaroys Hills, a region known for its ideal coffee-growing region. The hilly terrain, fertile soil, and consistent rainfall provide the perfect environment for coffee plants to thrive and produce high-quality beans. The Shevaroys Hills are also known for their unique microclimate, with cool temperatures and misty mornings, which slows down the ripening process of the coffee cherries and allows them to develop more complex flavours.

Our focus on quality starts with the careful selection of only the ripest coffee cherries, which are handpicked by our trained team of pickers. From there, we use a rigorous three stage process to ensure that only the best beans make it into our specialty washed coffee. We begin by using the floatation method to remove any underdeveloped beans, which float to the top of the soaking tank. Next, we use a mechanical grader to remove small-sized beans and any unpulped coffee fruit. Finally, we remove the remaining mucilage using a demucilager machine and float the seeds again to remove any low-density beans.

Producer: Riverdale Estate

Origin: Shevaroy Hills, India

Altitude: 1,450 MASL

Varietal: SL9 Variety (Ethiopian X Timor Hybrid)

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Biscuits, chestnut, dark chocolate and nutmeg


Brewing Recipe

20g Ground Coffee / 40g Extracted Coffee / 28 - 30 Seconds Extraction Time OR 1:2 ratio of Ground Coffee to Extracted Coffee



* Cans come with a lid so you can reseal them after opening

* Bags are made from RecycleMe paper so they can be recycled with normal paper


Roast Level: Medium