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Seven Seeds - Golden Gate Espresso Blend

Good coffee good service

Good service good service

Fresh beans, quick delivery

Tim and the team, always delivers on time. Beans are always fresh and as dated. Delivery is always above and beyond. Thanks Tim, keep up the great work!

My go to

Love this coffee and it’s the one I always go back to after trying others

Great Blend from a great provider

Very happy with this blend and the service from direct coffee



F-bomb indeed

Great flavours of fruity sweetness for me and slight floral undertones. I've been having it as a pourover or cold brew and they both deliver!


very nice not too strong great for soy latte.sweet..

Seven Seeds - Espresso Blend

go to blend that never disappoints.

Love it

Maple is one of the best espressos on the market. Delicious and great strength. Especially good if your not into the floral taste.

Drummer Boy

Quick delivery. Great coffee

Amazing Bean for Filter Coffee

Bean produces a lovely light and sweet coffee with acidity of lycees.

Very enjoyable latte

I'm a fan of medium roasts and milk, this was very nice. Have a crack.


As always, Wood and Co take out the title of Grand Supreme. Excellent, juicy all-rounder.

11/10 service - especially appreciate it being hand delivered!


Bought 4 bags, this one was the pick of the bunch. Perfect as espresso


OMg lurvve it its my new coffee


Smooth , delicious decaf.
Taste was not compromised by the decaffeinated process. I’ll definitely buy it again.


Love this flavour. Great tasting coffee. Thanks guys

Start off with hint of berry note and finishes with a strong milk chocolate palate.

Not a bad coffee bean. Starts off with light hint of blueberry and finishing strong with milk chocolate palate. Would love to see more acidity.

Sorry to hear this wasn't quite a 5-star coffee. Also my apologies if the description suggested this coffee would have a higher level of acidity.

ONA Coffee - Gateway (Formerly The Founder)

Great coffee and service. They even called me to confirm my machine before grinding it (for free!).


delicious coffee

All time favourite

Currently all time favourite, I love the fruity notes that come through the milk, giving it a deliciously funky taste! Also really nice black, will continue to come back to this as a staple in our house.

Surprisingly good!

I had a bag that has been sitting for 2 months due to having too many coffee beans (not a bad thing) and was skeptical opening it but was pleasantly surprised! It is still very robust and well balanced coming through milk, I would buy it again and look forward to drinking it fresher this time!