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Best coffee

These guys are amAzing
Best prices and excellent coffee

Fantastic Coffee & Fantastic Service

Couldn't be happier - Great Product & Great Service from Direct Coffee - Very happy repeat customer!

Bold strong coffee!

Very happy with Black Betty and The Hitman!

Great value and Great Flavours

I am using a Delonghi Dedica 785 with a non-pressurized bottomless portafilter. 18 grams of these Padre Seasonal blends (90 second grind with my grinder) This will extract a very nice 36grams of express. Love the aroma and the thick crema....Highly recommended!!! Definitely great value purchasing from DirectCoffee

Code Black Coffee - 3056 Espresso Blend

Axil Coffee - Vader Espresso Blend

Easy Drinking

Quite enjoyed the Maimbus, at first, the flavour profile felt a little light, but a couple of tweaks to the grinder really brought out the flavours.
Definitely recommended.

Market Lane - Marimbus Espresso

Just dreadful. About $120 later given up on them. I once got a decaf which I rarely drink which was superb. Never since. Everything I have tried is poor. My better half’s family lives in Brunswick since b4 1900 so sentimental value kept me trying. Done now.

Hey Ian, Sorry to hear this! Would you like to exchange it for a different coffee?

I can taste the "symphony"

Full body and bright, fruit forward but balance overall.

amazing coffee

we just can’t resist the smell and taste. its an excellent roast with perfect acidity and sweetness.

Code Black Coffee - Autumn Seasonal Espresso Blend


Perhaps my machine extracted a lot more than crema. None the less did enjoy it however I'd prefer the sweeter flavour humbler. Will save it for those who come for morning coffee.

Humbler for mornings

Evaluated as espresso. Excellent crema with flour of chocolate caramel taste. Nice morning brew Once I managed to get the proper dialed in extraction from my machine. Highly recommend it.

Nice blend

Will order again

2kg of coffee

Ordered 2kg of coffee made up of various 250g bags. All varieties were excellent, prices were the best I’ve seen for top-notch roasters, and customer service was brilliant. I’m expecting to become a long term customer.

Clark St Coffee - Mastermind Blend

Definitely worth a try!

I received this recommendation from others who've bought from Direct Coffee before, and was definitely not disappointed. It's got a very mellow flavour and does well in both French Press and Stovetop. I bought a 250g and was very happy with it.

One of the best

I've tasted dozens of house blends in my decade of australian cafe hopping and recently as a commercial-grade espresso machine owner i can buy rotating bags weekly. Code black's blend is one of the best, not too on the fruity acidic side, and not too heavy either - a perfect balance of everything a daily driver should be. I used to be a big enthusiast of expensive single origins but now I've settled back into reliable house blends, as SOs can have unexpected flavour profiles which are good once in a while. But what you need daily is the perfect balanced hit. Look no further than 3056 - alongside it i would place campos, allpress and Mecca house blends as the some of the best I've ever had.


Very nice, but will probably try something different next time.


First time to try this coffee and loved the punch off it. Had it with milk each time & it cut through so well.

Good coffee

Vader coffee beans is fantastic not too strong

Code Black Coffee - Ex-Wife Espresso Blend

The recent batch tastes differently

Not as pleasant as before, not sure what has been changed to this blend.

Shopping experience is always good at Directcoffee.