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It’s really good tasting and I love it.

Great taster and aroma.. Very tasty for milkbased drinker.

Was so hopeful for this special release

Wow these beans have got me bamboozled! I guess they're getting into the territory of what one would call a light roast. Even with a 19g dose, my extraction is way too fast. Yield is hitting 50g in 25secs @ 96 degrees and I can't go any finer on my Eureka Mignon. I've finally been beaten! However, they do taste nice but due to my inadequate extraction I don't think I'm best placed to comment on tasting notes. Time for a new grinder I think! :D.

perfect coffee

always nice and reliable flavour

Reliably good coffee

one of my favourites, excellent value

Pretty Good..

Enjoyed this coffee - was mild with alternative milk. I also really enjoyed Atypical - Candid and the Humbler by Proud Mary. But best of all has been the service from Direct Coffee. Small Business. Fresh Beans. Great Service.

Tried these on recommendation after being a fan of the Proud Mary - Humbler and Candid

Great taste at a great price

Used with a moka pot and very delicious on milk or black.

A subtle nuttiness and low acidity make it an easygoing, everyday choice.

Delicious & Fruity, yet Subtle and not Overpowering

Delicious & Fruity, yet Subtle and not Overpowering

Perfect if you like a mild coffee flavor

I find a lot of coffee too sour/tart especially when drunk black. For me, this is perfect as it's quite mild.


Tasty blend smooth, however the grind was very gritty in machine. Came out of the puk very dry, not sure if I was doing something wrong.

Hi Mardi, thanks for your review. Sorry to hear the grind looked very gritty. Just to clarify though, was there also a gritty taste (or some other undesirable taste)?

58mm coffee distributor

Nice weight; especially well designed. Gave me free sample coffee, which was delicious.

Market Lane - Marimbus Espresso

Wide Open Road - Silver Haze - Espresso Blend

Great value fruity filter coffee

A classic Yirgacheffe in my books. Nice and light bodied and fruity.

Bold and strong body with low acidity. Can be enjoyed black or white.

Great flavour, for milk based coffee drinkers.

Proud Mary - Humbler Blend - Espresso roast

Atypical - Ethiopia Rachia Aricha - Filter Roast

Great coffee

Full bodied flavour with low acid so goes well with non-diary milks.

Love it, my new favourite coffee bean. Go well for milk based coffee. It is one of best choice at this price range.


Easy beans to work with and great for both espresso or with milk. Love it!

Great coffee

Smell and tastes so good!