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Axil Coffee - Seasonal Espresso Blend

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You can taste the full coffee aroma

Excellent coffee

This coffee was referred by my colleague. Excellent blend, loving each sip of it.

Another Great Blend

This blend goes well as a normal 1:2 espresso shot with milk.

David P.
Top coffee-

Very enjoyable coffee. Consistant taste and fresh. Delivery excellant.

Bernie W.
Fresh beans, quick delivery

Tim and the team, always delivers on time. Beans are always fresh and as dated. Delivery is always above and beyond. Thanks Tim, keep up the great work!

All coffee is sold as whole beans. If you would like your coffee ground please leave a note at checkout.

Our new seasonal blend is made up of 3 of our faves, and we can’t wait for you to taste it!

Making its big returns, and heralding from the origin of Agua Paulistas at Capricornio in Brazil is a delicious coffee from our friend Luiz Roberto Saldanha. He is renowned for producing cup of excellent award-winning coffees and this one is nothing short of brilliant.

Adding to the body of this blend, and making its debut is a coffee from Entre Cerros in El Salvador. Farmed and produced by the Silva family at their micro-lots, this combination uses a washed processing and is an absolute delight.

Finally, to bring balancing acidity, we have a regional blender from Cauca, Colombia called ‘Gran Galope’. This has all the classic notes of a traditional washed with a big body to boot!  
Our New Seasonal Blend is made up of the following coffees:

33% Colombia 
33% El Salvador 
33% Brazil
BLACK – Red Apple, nectarine & datesthe   
WHITE – Milk chocolate, baked apple & toffee
Barista Tips

Best results for both espresso & in-milk are:
Dose: 21 - 22 grams
Yield: 38 - 42 grams
Time: 27 - 30 seconds