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Market Lane - Marimbus - Espresso roast

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As good as usual

Anthony G.
Perfect if you like a mild coffee flavor

I find a lot of coffee too sour/tart especially when drunk black. For me, this is perfect as it's quite mild.


Market Lane - Marimbus Espresso

Chris A.
Best speedy bean juice

I first discovered this blend at a local cafe and fell in love immediately, I am so happy I found this service and love being able to make this when working from home!

Odd taste on the last order

Have been ordering Marimbus for the past few months, however the last order I have received taste odd, it does not taste the same as before, not sure if it was a bad batch or something.

Hey Jay,
Oh dear - sorry to hear this :(
Would you like us to organise a replacement for you?

Marimbus Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

Tasting notes: Rich and sweet with hazelnut and apricot.

The Borré family has been farming at Fazenda Progresso since the 1980s, with a focus on specialty coffee in the last two decades. The farm’s coffee program is run by the talented and innovative Fabiano Borré, who cares deeply about the production of high quality coffee, as well as the wellbeing of his team and local community, and the natural environment that sustains the farm.

The family’s motto is ‘Mindful Coffee’, which references their commitment to acting consciously and responsibly, and ensuring that their core values – excellence, innovation, environmental and social responsibility – inform every decision they make.

We’ve been offering coffee from Progresso since 2015. We love Marimbus in particular for its quality and consistency. This coffee’s balance and creamy milk chocolate finish make it perfect for espresso applications. It tastes delicious on its own, and it also pairs beautifully with milk.