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Market Lane - Seasonal blend - Espresso roast

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Yunice G.

Very good. Smooth and rich.


Tasty blend smooth, however the grind was very gritty in machine. Came out of the puk very dry, not sure if I was doing something wrong.

Hi Mardi, thanks for your review. Sorry to hear the grind looked very gritty. Just to clarify though, was there also a gritty taste (or some other undesirable taste)?

Consitently the best!

Love the flavour of the blends market lane produces. Amazing balance of clarity, fruitness and chocolately richness.

Manze Z.

Market Lane - Seasonal Espresso Blend

Ved D.

Extremely consistent. Flavour the right blend of clarity and chocolatey richness when paired to a niche zero and bdb.


Chocolate and raisin with a hazelnut finish

80% São Judas
Origin: Piatã, Bahia, Brazil
Varieties: Catuaí
Process: pulped natural
Producers: Antônio and Terezinha Rigno
Relationship length: since 2015

20% Ruli
Origin: Northern Province, Rwanda
Varieties: Red Bourbon
Process: washed
Producers: processed at Ruli using cherry from 430 farmers
Relationship length: since 2009

Our espresso blend changes throughout the year, so that it always contains coffees that are in season and perfectly complement each other. This season, it contains two special coffees produced by two of our long-time supply partners.

São Judas (80%) was produced by Antônio and Terezinha Rigno in Piatã, Brazil. Antônio is one of Brazil’s most knowledgeable producers and the Piatã area is famous for its growing conditions but, above all, Antônio credits his team with the high quality of his coffee. “They are like family,” he says, “and they care as much as I do about quality. I am very lucky.”

Ruli (20%) was grown by 430 small-scale farmers, who are members of the dynamic Dukunde Kawa Cooperative in Rwanda’s Northern Province. Dukunde Kawa makes a point of investing in infrastructure, training and social programs, in order to produce consistently beautiful coffees, and to ensure coffee production is a sustainable source of income for its community of members.