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Padre - El Salvador Los Pirineos - Filter

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Soaring above the fertile volcanic landscapes of Usulután, El Salvador, Finca Los Pirineos is the pride of the Baraona family, with a legacy spanning over 130 years. Their dedication to quality and innovation results in an impressive flavour profile, boasting tasting notes of yellow peach, stewed pineapple and honey.

Single Origin Filter Coffee Description

Los Pirineos Farm is a great example of El Salvadoran coffee culture, where the Baraona family has formulated their rich coffee legacy. Los Pirineos is celebrated not only for its top rankings in the El Salvador Cup Of Excellence but also for its commitment to quality, from the perfect conditions of its processing equipment to the cutting-edge methods it employs, all contributing to the impressive profile of its coffee.

This exceptional SL28 microlot is the fruit of selective handpicking, targeting the darkest red cherries at the peak of ripeness. Every step, from flotation to extended drying on serandas, ensures that each bean maximises the flavour potential of its natural process, developing a depth of complexity that El Salvadorian coffee is well known for.

The farm's distinction extends to its impressive collection of coffee varietals, with over 80 types, including Bourbon and Pacamara, and more recent additions like Harrar and Sudan Rume, nurtured by Diego Baraona's forward-thinking cultivation. The farm's plateau, shaped by the Baraona family, enjoys full days of sunshine and steady winds from the west, creating ideal conditions for drying the coffee and enhancing its distinct flavours.

The El Salvador Los Pirineos features a vibrant, juicy body with a balanced acidity. In the cup, you can expect sweet, fruity flavours of yellow peach, plum and stewed pineapple, with a honey-like mouthfeel that lingers.

Coffee Breakdown

El Salvador Los Pirineos 100%
Natural - SL28 varietals cultivated and handpicked on Los Pirineos Farm, nestled in the Tecapa Chimaneca, Usulutan region at elevations of 1300-1600 MASL.

In The Cup


Espresso Recipe

  • DOSE - 20g
  • YIELD - 40g
  • TIME - 30secs
  • TEMP - 94°C
  • RATIO - 1:2

This recipe is for espresso and developed on a commercial coffee machine. Use as a guide to achieve your desired flavour preference. If you are unable to reproduce the exact result on your home machine, don’t panic, an alternative is to simply adjust your recipe using the ratio so it works best for your set up.