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Even better than their Prime Espresso Blend

Was a big fan of Pillar's Prime Espresso Blend but I reckon this one tops it. Bursting in flavour, rich with hints of berry at first, dark and chocolatey on the aftertaste, and almost impossible not to go back for a second shot. Awesome!

All coffee is sold as whole beans. If you would like your coffee ground please leave a note at checkout.



Minas Gerias

1000-1200 masl

Acaia, Yellow Bourbon & Catuai


Orange liqueur, raspberry, and molasses

In the cup: A full and rich orange liqueur and zingy raspberry transitions to dark chocolate and molasses. An everyday coffee that is delicious black or milky--refined and delicious after a meal or with something sweet.

The region: The coffee comes to us from the very beating heart of the Mantiqueria Mountains-Carmo de Minas.

Education and support: In 1961, rural coffee producers established the Rio Verde Valley Coffee Growers Regional Cooperative (COCARIVE). COCARIVE was created not only to showcase the potential for high productivity but also to demonstrate the exceptional quality and true specialty grade that could come out of this incredible region. As members of COCARIVE, contributors are provided with access to 3 permanent agronomists (crop scientists), as well as education on farming practices and modern cultivation techniques. Co-op members are also given an understanding that in working in harmony with the land, a symbiotic relationship can form--when the land is happy and healthy, sustainability increases as does production yield and cupping scores!

Traceability: Pioneering innovation and traceability through easy access technologies, the Geographical Indication certification of Mantiqueira de Minas provides the who, what, and where for each and every bag grown under this co-op. Each bag that leaves the co-op is given a unique serial number or QR code that gives roasters and drinkers unprecedented access to traceability specific to each lot.