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Pillar - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – Espresso

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Loved it best coffee I've had

Joel B.
Strange Ethiopian

First order from direct coffee, very pleasant experience otherwise.

This coffee (unfortunately for me as I bought a whole kg) was quite underwhelming. I am really struggling to get it to drink like Ethiopians I know and love. It is definately a medium roast, which generally bodes well for this coffee, but I can't find the acidity and the advertised fruit and floral notes. I've now tried next to everything to dial it in and think I'll have to settle at it tasting like a run of the mill Colombian or Brazilian with a bit of sweetness, but absent really any of the promised acidity giving you those expected fruit and floral notes I so desired in my cup.

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear you didn't enjoy this :( Is there anything we can do to help? Sorry again, Tim

Jay B.
Makes a nice milk coffee!

Arrived promptly, makes for a nice latte, smooth and sweet.



A L.

This doesn't brew like your typical Ethiopian beans. Even with a medium roast it extracts very easily (almost too easily) theres almost no acidity unlike most Ethiopian bean with a medium roast. With standard 2:1 ratio at 25s it was tasting astringent and over-extracted and pulling something closer to 20s was as balanced as I was able to achieve with these beans.

My best cups were balanced, sweet and full bodied but definitely lacked any floral or fruity notes. In short given a blindfold, I would have said this was your 'typical' South American bean perfect for milky drinks.

Sorry to hear this didn't quite hit the mark :(

Would you like to try something else?









Honeydew, mango, and jasmine florals

In the cup: Yirg is back—it’s pretty great stuff! This espresso is a throwback to that classic Yirg we all fell in love with. The first little nostalgic note is pure aroma, with jasmine florals usually reserved for filters but not so in this case! Florals are so in the fabric of this coffee that they handle this light espresso roast degree very well. Paired with melon sweetness, this espresso is perfect for these spring mornings.

Growing conditions and process: Grown under the shade of surrounding false banana, Besana and Berbera trees, this coffee uses traditional natural processing techniques, made famous by the region, and combines it with simple control measures. This goes a long way to explaining this fruity cup's clean and refined flavour. Sundried on raised beds for 4-6 weeks, the whole cherries are turned every couple of hours. Thorough moisture control ensures nothing ever gets funky or dirty tasting and ensures this coffee leaves your palate sweetly and cleanly with its delicate florals intact.