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Improves after a few weeks

Found these beans produced better coffee a few weeks after being opened. Was a bit mixed on them for the first few weeks. Definitely don't hold a candle to their Brazil Mantiqueira blend, but still worth a try! Certainly an emphasis on the fruitier/floral flavours.

Jos S.
Too fruity

If you like fruity beans you’ll love this. Packed full of strawberry! Too much for my liking unfortunately

Hey Jos, Thanks for your honest review, although I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy these beans. Is there anything else you might like to try instead? Cheers, Tim



All coffee is sold as whole beans. If you would like your coffee ground please leave a note at checkout.



El Boqueron

Santa Rosa, Oriente


Catuai, Caturra, Typica & Villa Sarchi


Strawberry, apple, and melon

In the cup: A fruity cup bursting with flavours of lightly macerated strawberry, apple acidity, and juicy ripe rockmelon. A tropical bouquet upfront with a creamy body and lingering rounded acidity.

The producer: The mountainous township of Santa Rosa is home to some 250 smallholder farmers who contribute to this stunning El Boqueron coffee

Harvesting window: The window for harvesting this El Boqueron coffee is just over two months. All coffee is harvested in this tight window as a built-in measure to ensure the coffee is picked at its peak ripeness.

Simplicity in ensuring quality: The harvesting of this El Boqueron lot relies on simple, transparent practices and selective picking at just the right time of year. Smallholder farmers also bring their cherry to the wet mill in one delivery, ensuring only the most evenly ripe coffee is picked and uniformity across the entire crop is guaranteed. This may sound simple, but it is incredibly valuable, as ripeness and uniformity determine controlled drying, roasting, and balanced extraction.

Certification: The mill which processes coffee in this region is Rainforest Alliance Certified and farmers and mill operators have seen positive change from this certification. Community benefits have resulted in the installation of a water treatment facility. We love it when a coffee that tastes this good also does good for its people and its community.