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Pillar - GUATEMALA SANTA ROSA - Espresso

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Justin N.

Unfortunately after going through half the bag still couldn't learn to love this one. Obviously in hindsight not our desired flavour profile. Too much fruit not enough coffee

Hi Justin, Sorry to hear this coffee didn't quite hit the mark. May I ask if you were drinking this with milk and what your recipe was? Hope we can find a way to make it more enjoyable. Cheers, Tim


Santa Rosa

1000-1900 masl

Catuai, Caturra, Typia & Villa Sarchi


Strawberry, cherry, and caramel.

In the cup: Strawberry fields forever!! This silky medium-bodied espresso is perfect for these summer December days. A big-time burst of super sweet strawberry and creamy caramel compliments a light hazelnut and long-lasting lingering cherry liqueur. If you love super fun-filled fruity coffee, then this Santa Rosa Natural Guatemalan is most certainly going to be your jam (apologies--couldn't resist!).

The producer: This beautiful fruity brew comes to us from the southern mountainous region of Guatemala, Santa Rosa. This mountainous township is home to some 250 smallholder farmers who contribute to this fruit bomb Santa Rosa lot.

Harvesting window: The window for harvesting is just over two months, with all coffee harvested in this tight window. Although this small harvest window makes for a lot to do, and not a lot of time to do it in, it does act as a built-in control measure that ensures the cherry is only picked at peak ripeness.

Simplicity in ensuring quality: The harvesting of this Santa Rosa lot relies on simple, transparent practices and selective picking at just the right time of year. Smallholder farmers also bring their cherry to the wet mill in one delivery, ensuring only the most evenly ripe coffee is picked and uniformity across the entire crop is guaranteed. This may sound simple, but it is incredibly valuable, as ripeness and uniformity determine controlled drying, roasting, and a balanced and even extraction.

Certification: The mill which processes coffee in this region is Rainforest Alliance Certified and farmers and mill operators have seen positive changes from this certification. The community benefits have included the installation of a water treatment facility with helps both the coffee and the people it supports. We love it when a coffee that tastes this good also does good for its people and its community.