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Pillar - Wayward blend - Espresso roast

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Accurate description

Sometimes taste notes can leave me scratching my head, but these are exactly as described on the bag. Very smooth flavour and easy to pull, cuts through a latte without being overpowering.

TV l.c.
Weak and has an acidic after taste

I've only tried Clarke St decaf, Small batch Ahmed, Code black decaf Swiss water and sugar cane proud Mary humbler and padre daddys girl) so I'm not quite the connoisseur. This is the first time buying Pillar and I want impressed. It's really weak and has a an acidic after-taste no matter how much tweaking I do. I won't be buying Wayward again.

Sorry to hear the Wayward Blend didn't impress you :(

Just out of interest - what recipe were you using?

Start off with hint of berry note and finishes with a strong milk chocolate palate.

Not a bad coffee bean. Starts off with light hint of blueberry and finishing strong with milk chocolate palate. Would love to see more acidity.

Sorry to hear this wasn't quite a 5-star coffee. Also my apologies if the description suggested this coffee would have a higher level of acidity.

Surprisingly good!

I had a bag that has been sitting for 2 months due to having too many coffee beans (not a bad thing) and was skeptical opening it but was pleasantly surprised! It is still very robust and well balanced coming through milk, I would buy it again and look forward to drinking it fresher this time!

Top-tier Milk Coffee

Mu Dog is one of the most consistent, robust, and easy-to-work blends I've used. The extraction sweet spot is extremely wide, and capable of providing an array of different flavor balances, based on what the drinker prefers.

Origins: Central and South America

Wayward is a full-bodied blend with berry sweetness, medium acidity and a milk chocolate finish. Sweet notes of chocolate and honeycomb are a fine representation of the blended origins.

A syrupy milk chocolate body with notes of honey comb - awesome as a flat white or a long black.