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Seven Seeds - Brazil Passagem de Pedra - Filter

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Wei L.

Seven Seeds - Brazil Passagem de Pedra - Filter

PROFILE Plump & Delicious
NOTES OF Poached Pears, Prune, Chamomile Tea
ROAST Light Roast for Filter Brewing


Silvio Leite's attention to detail when producing coffee is a leading example of Brazil's best potential. His coffees are some of the cleanest we've sourced, proving versatile enough to stand as espresso or filter brew methods. That said, the flavour, performance, and shelf life of Sivio's Pulped Naturals far exceed mere versatility. These are complex, distinctive coffees representative of the natural terroir of the region coupled with clarity unparalleled anywhere else in the country. It's no wonder these same lots have consecutively brought him competition success at local and national levels since he started as a producer.

This particular micro-lot presents crystal clear flavours of fresh autumn fruits with creaminess and comforting texture we've come to love from the region. This coffee accurately represents the quality routinely featured on the world stage alongside the finest Brazil has to offer, and with any luck, you're drinking a cup of it right now.

Seven Seeds started purchasing coffee through Silvio over eight years ago, who also acts as our export agent for other farms we source from in the region. His moral and technical support provides valuable mentorship to these producers, which has shown in the improved cup quality over the years. Silvio is a true pioneer of the industry and a friend to us all; we couldn't be more thrilled to have this ongoing partnership with him and his team at Agricoffee.


ORIGIN Piata, Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

PRODUCER Silvio Leite
VARIETIES  Yellow Catuai & Red Catuai
PROCESS Pulped Natural
ALTITUDE 1300 masl
HISTORY Third year of purchasing
LOT SIZE 360kg