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Seven Seeds - Guatemala Finca Rosma - Espresso

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PROFILE Smooth and Smashable
TASTES LIKE Jam Donut, Cacao, Valencia Orange
ROAST Medium Roast, Espresso Brewing


The beautiful land this coffee is from was purchased in 1963 by Don Alejandro Morales. The farm was renamed Finca Rosma in 1980 by Dr Fredy Morales in honour of his wife, Rose Mary. The Morales Family business has dedicated itself to improving not only the land on which they work but also the community in which they exist. They work and live with intention and purpose, simultaneously creating an award-winning farm while continuing to better the community around them.

Ryan had several discussions with Fredy Morales Jr regarding this harvest and shared that it was enlightening and invigorating to understand what the Morales Family have achieved and what they plan for the future. This is what a direct relationship can look like.

In this 2022 harvest, Seven Seeds have taken the opportunity to showcase an array of varietals and processing techniques from the Morales family farms. Although it is always enjoyable to 'drink from the Kool-Aid of processing experimentation, it is equally satisfying to showcase a fully-washed selection from their farm. The Finca Rosma will be a most welcome addition to the espresso menu this summer with an unassuming level of complexity upfront and a crowd-pleasingly sweetly sweet finish.


    Michicoy, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
  • PRODUCER  Famillia Morales
  • HISTORY 9th year of purchasing
  • VARIETIES Bourbon, Caturra
  • PROCESS Fully Washed
  • HARVEST Jan - Mar
  • ALTITUDE 1660 - 1700 masl
  • LOT SIZE 1725 KG
  • PARTNERS Direct Trade