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Seven Seeds - Guatemala La Esperanza Special - Filter

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PROFILE Refreshing & Indulgent
TASTES LIKE Guava, Plum, Orange Spritz
ROAST Light Roast, Filter Brewing


Seven Seeds has worked with the Villatoro family for the last nine years. Over that time, we have had the absolute pleasure of purchasing from three Villatoro farms, learning about and enjoying each farm’s unique profiles. Of these farms, we’ve found the coffee from Finca la Esperanza always to have incredible clarity and balance. This coffee has mellow stonefruit tones upfront, and an aperitif-like finish, with gorgeous acidity, that is vibrant but not overwhelming.

All good things must come to an end. As we enter the void of the last few weeks of summer, we also present the last offering from the Villatoro family for the year. However we can look forward with excitement, as owner Mark Dundon will be visiting this farm in March, securing another container load, whilst also celebrating ten years of friendship and direct purchasing. Here’s to another ten


    Michicoy, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
  • PRODUCER  Famillia Villatoro
  • HISTORY 9th year of purchasing
  • VARIETIES Bourbon, Caturra
  • PROCESS Fully Washed
  • HARVEST Jan - Mar
  • ALTITUDE 1800 - 1950 masl
  • LOT SIZE 345 KG
  • PARTNERS Direct Trade