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Small Batch - The Ones We Love Seasonal blend – Espresso roast

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Unpleasant, burnt, bitter

I love a dark roast so long as the flavours are rich... but this blend did nothing for me.

Maybe I got a bad batch but most extractions were bitter with a seriously unpleasant burnt aftertaste.

Disappointing as I really enjoyed their Candyman blend. Won't be rushing back for this one.

Absolute belter

I'm a fan of mid roasts and big choc flavours like Code Black 3056 (which has been go to for a long time).

I love these beans. Great balance of cocoa + a little pop of acidity. Need a day or two after opening to be at their best. I'm doing pretty standard 20.5-21g in, 40 out, 5 sec pre infusion and around 30-35 secs.

Huge fan of Candyman too but this is even better.

  • Attributes: Wet-processed caturra and bourbon for Arlam, wet processed bourbon for Ngoma.
  • Origin & Producers: See current components below
  • Profile: malt, berries, butter, caramel

The Ones We Love features the coffee grown by:

From 19th April:

  • Arlam Aguirre (Agua Dulces, Huehuetenango, Guatemala)
  • Ngoma Coffee Washing Station (Nyamagabe, Southern Province, Rwanda)

From 11th January:

  • Ader Recinos (Huehuetenango, Guatemala)
  • Asegedech Sholi (Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia)

A bolder two coffee pairing bringing heavier flavours to accommodate the addition of milk.

This essentially allows us to celebrate more coffees “we love” (that additionally may have a small lot size), and finds a nice middle point between “single” and “blend”, and sets us a great Quality Control challenge to make an interesting and different product to Candyman that fluctuates seasonally, as the components change more frequently.

The Ones We Love will have has less focus on consistency of flavours per se, and more on short run, special profiles with high character.

We are excited to bring you our first full-on fruity and chocolatey blend!

Pricing transparency:

Ader Recinos: We paid 1500 Quetzals per quintal for this lot of Ader’s coffee (we bought several of his lots at pricing ranging from 145o to 1550). At times throughout harvest, the local rate was around 1100 Quetzals per quintal. 

Asegedech Sholi: we paid $3.55 FOB Djibouti (ie, loaded on a ship) for this coffee. As with all of our purchases, we assumed the shipping and import costs.


Suggested Recipe

Dose: 20g
Yield: 45g
Time: 28 seconds