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Wide Open Road - Silver Haze - Espresso Blend

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Adam W.

Wide Open Road - Silver Haze - Espresso Blend


Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Sidamo, Nisebo
Farm: Mendoye
Producer: Tadesse Desta
Altitude: 1800-2200 masl
Process: Natural
Varietal: Landrace

Origin: Honduras
Region: El Cedral, Santa Barbara
Farm: El Milagrito
Producer: Pedro Erazo
Altitude: 1500-1600 masl
Process: Honey
Varietal: Pacas 

 Step into your morning ritual or savour a delightful afternoon pick-me-up with our special new limited release coffee blend, Silver Haze. Carefully composed of equal parts natural Ethiopian and honey-processed Honduras, this blend offers a balanced and smooth experience that caters perfectly to both black and milk-based coffee drinkers alike.

The natural Ethiopian beans thrive in the highlands of the Nensebo, Mendoye district, at an elevation of around 2000 metres above sea level. Dedicated farmers cultivate their plots of land amidst natural wooded areas, embracing time-honoured and environmentally friendly cultivation methods. Growing at these higher altitudes gives rise to higher density coffee beans, allowing us to unlock some special flavours in this blend. Delight in the velvety mouthfeel and relish the flavours of stone fruits, and subtle almond butter nuttiness, that gracefully emerge when Silver Haze is brewed with milk.

Meanwhile, the honey-processed Honduras beans hail from the El Cedral region in Santa Barbara. Grown in lower altitudes, these beans offer a heightened solubility as black coffee, revealing layers of sweetness and a lingering aftertaste. Indulge in the delicate notes of vanilla custard, bright bursts of orange marmalade, and a smooth, buttery finish.

Silver Haze is a pleasure for everyone, delivering a consistent and delicious cup every time. Roasted with utmost care to honour the farmers' hard work and to showcase the coffee's character, this blend guarantees an easy brewing and easy drinking experience. From the first sip to the last, Silver Haze promises to immerse you in a world of rich and nuanced flavours and elevate your coffee experience to new heights.